BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
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2023- Something NEW just for YOU

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Did you know there are only two of us running My Alchemy Skin Care? This Mother/Daughter team is a VERY small business. We are working long hours far exceeding a traditional work week. We are running probably faster than we are able most days. Welcome to entrepreneurship! We’re extremely thankful we have this opportunity and love the challenges it brings. We also LOVE that we learn something new each day. 

Trying to keep our priorities straight with emphasis on what’s most important, means making reels, writing blog posts, recording videos, newsletter publication, working with supplier, vendors and doing wholesale and more are sometimes put aside. Our thrill of 2022 was winning the 1st Place Award for our Purifier Plus in 2022 from Certclean Worldwide. This distinction propelled us in a direction that was both wonderful and overwhelming. While it added extra to our plates and made us pivot a few additional times we are so thankful for this recognition, the sales it brought in, plus the million things we learned and amazing people we met.

This brings me to asking for your understanding. I apologize for going silent on social and promise to do better. Most importantly, while we’ve been managing our day-to-day lists, please know that our thoughts and conversations always come back to YOU. This is because we really do care about you.

Where are we going in 2023 you might ask. Let’s visit our brand title, My Alchemy Skin Care. Notice that we did not join ”skin” with “care” which would be spelled “skincare”. Instead, we kept both words separate. We planned this intentionally. We knew from the beginning of our start-up that we wanted to take our brand beyond skin deep. While we are fully committed to the importance of healthy beautiful skin, we’ve taken steps to enhance our skin line with more love as we care for the whole body. We are very excited 2023 brings us to the point of introducing new products that speak to self-care, wellness and nutrition. We hope our “whole”istic focus will be inspiring to help you live your best healthiest life. Many of our product ideas came as we’ve listened to you. We thank you for your input and support. We hope you feel our commitment to your skin, body, mind and spirit as we begin our Spring Refresh. Please follow us every chance you have and share your experiences. The next few blog posts will feature our new additions. Until Feb. 17th!



CEO, Co-founder, Cancer Survivor, Certified Essential Oil Coach

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