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Black Currant Seed Oil: Our "Currant" Obsession

Today's Face-to-Face Friday Ingredient Spotlight features Black Currant Seed Oil. With you in mind, My Alchemy Skin Care uses this oil in our Illuminate Serum. Read on to see why.

Where does  Black Currant Seed Oil come from?

Black Currant on Vine

If you guessed a berry, specifically Black Currants, you guessed right! The oil that is cold-pressed from Black Currants is called Black Currant Seed Oil. 

black currants in yellow round bowl sitting on top of scale

We opt for pure, organic and cold-pressed in order for you to receive the maximum benefits. This oil is pretty much bland and odorless but is a powerful source of nutrition.

Women wearing a red and white apron holding a metal circle bowl with black currants

 What Benefits does it have for you?

  • It’s rich in Vitamin C and E, both needed for good skin health.
  • It’s a potent source of antioxidants to protect cells from free radical induced damage.
  • It’s high in fatty acids to help reduce dryness, thus preventing scales and flaking.
  • Helps soften and strengthen nails and cuticles.
  • Soften the redness caused by stretch marks.
  • Fabulous as a lip hydrator.

Cold pressed black currant oil with black currant outside

Combining Black Currant Seed Oil with the other star ingredients in our serum makes for an incredibly potent formula of phytonutrients. As Illuminate absorbs into your skin, you are nourishing your body outside and inside. For this single reason alone, for your well-being, it's vital you choose quality and safe skin care products. No worries with My Alchemy Skin Care! We have you covered!

Because we have so many important topics for you to hear about, we are going to expand beyond our Super Star Ingredient Series we wrote about all summer. Because your understanding of ingredients is so important for your buying decisions, we'll continue educating on this theme but add-in other pertinent topics as well. We promise to continue keeping our blog posts short and informative. Hope to see you back next for our new Face-to-Face Season.

Written by Co-founder Rebecca

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 Written by Rebecca Adams,Co-founder of My Alchemy Skin Care


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