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Diminish Stretch Marks. Meadowfoam Seed Oil to the rescue!

Super Star Ingredients Meadow Foam Oil/Face-to-Face Friday Ingredient Meadowfoam Seed Oil

Glass bottle with meadowfoam oil in it, meadowfoam flower and seeds decorate the outside

Welcome to our Face-to-Face Series. Today our Super Star Ingredient is Meadowfoam Seed Oil. This popular cosmetic ingredient in our Illuminate Serum is full of wonderful nutrients for the skin. This lovely oil is best well-known for it's moisturizing and skin softening properties, making it a fabulous massage oil. A drop goes a long way and easily absorbs into skin and does not leave an oily residue.

women with brown hair, in a blue shirt and straw hat kneeling in a meadowfoam field holding a meadowfoam flower in front of her


Where does Meadow foam oil come from?

Meadowfoam seed oil comes from a beautiful, tiny white flowering plant that flourishes in the wet, grassy regions of Oregon, Northern California, and Vancouver. It is extracted from the seeds of Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam). 

Field of meadowfoam flowers, snow capped mountains and blue sky


Beauty Benefits you may receive from Meadowfoam:

  • Rich in Vitamin C -  helps to nourish and hydrate skin.
  • The high fatty acid and vitamin E content in this oil helps to nourish your lips, helping alleviate cracking and dryness.
  • Remarkable ability to lock in moisture to help fade stretch marks.
  • Rich in antioxidants. This will help keep skin looking soft and smooth and help stop wrinkles and lines from forming.
  • Popular natural use for mature skin - penetrates deep into skin to help fight off signs of ageing.
  • It has also been known to be useful for helping damaged skin heal and reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars.

Written by Rebecca Adams, Co-founder of My Alchemy Skin Care.


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