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Keeping Beauty "Clean" with Science


As promised, we’re back today for Face-to-Face Friday! We hope your week has been a good one as so much is happening in this new year, in our personal lives, our businesses and certainly in the world. We hope our article last Friday inspired you to take action on becoming the New YOU that you want to be in 2021 regardless of all the voices that may be distracting you.

We’d love to know how you’re doing as you start your new path. What personal goals have you set for yourself to be healthier this year? Please do share! You may be just the inspiration someone else is looking for.

How is our free gift of Illuminate Serum working out for you? If you missed my post last Friday, you probably are wondering what in the world I’m talking about. To keep learning fun this year, we’ll be rewarding our readers with occasional freebies like we did last week. You may have missed out last Friday but there will be more surprises ahead so be sure and follow us. 

My Alchemy Skin Care is a “Clean Beauty” Brand. This means we choose the highest quality and safest, non toxic ingredients for you, animals and the environment. This doesn’t “just happen”.  A lot goes on behind the scenes that you may not realize. For instance, the role of science. It plays a huge part in our product formulations, choices and decisions and is an ever evolving, important and central function of our operations and success. Adding science to every equation means our formulas are better performers and provide you with the tangible results you’re looking for. 

We have a Scientific Consultant and Advisor who has been working with us behind the scenes to insure quality and purity standards for our products. With a diverse science background it enables him to focus his expertise on R & D and Quality Control for My Alchemy Skin Care. As a Science Writer, you will be hearing valuable insights from him in our Face-to-Face Friday series. 

To all of you, we thank you for your continued support. New Year! New YOU!

Be happy and stay well,


CEO and Co-founder My Alchemy Skin Care

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