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Run When You See This Ingredient in Your Hand Sanitizer!

Hello! Throughout the summer we have spotlighted Super Star Ingredients we use in our products.

Today, we want to be sure you’re aware of a very dangerous ingredient in over 100 hand sanitizers that the FDA has recalled.


Exposure to Methanol can cause serious health complications including poisoning, blindness, seizures, coma, or even death. See the growing list of hand sanitizers in this article. Be sure to check the ingredient label on the sanitizers you’re using. Below is an article containing information on the latest recall and exposure.

In CONTRAST to this list of recalled sanitizers, we encourage you to check out My Alchemy Skin Care’s Purifier PLUS. We want to help you be safe, not sorry. You can find our conditioning sanitizer here.

Rest assured the ingredients you find in our Purifier Plus, are plant-based and a much happier option for your skin. 

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