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Celebrate YOU in 2022!

I grew up in a family that valued hard work and industry. For me, self-care was a reward I earned after my work was done. It took a cancer diagnosis in my adult years for me to realize I hadn’t replenished my reserves physically, emotionally or spiritually over many years. I credit my remission of 4 years to the lifestyle changes I've made including making time for self-care everyday.

While self-care is different for each individual, the goal remains the same for all - to set up a work/life balance that nourishes your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Beginning can be as simple as dedicating a few sacred minutes in the morning or evening to you. A new year is the perfect incentive to set a goal to help keep your reserves full. No one can run on an empty tank. Even on an airplane we're instructed in an emergency to put on our own air mask first. Here’s a very simple strategy you might consider exploring this new year…

Start your day off right. Do you rush through your morning shower as you’re thinking of the million and one to-dos on your agenda for the day? Why not slow down just a bit, pamper your body and get control of your racing thoughts? How about taking a few minutes or splurge for five to slather your clean skin with a lotion or body butter? We recommend starting your day healthy - with citrus fruits. My Alchemy Skin Care’s Citrus Butter will hydrate and invigorate your senses, leaving your skin nourished, soft and glowing for the day. Doesn’t this sound much better than starting your day stressed out? Your body will love a breakfast of nourishing mangos, apricots, oranges, pomegranates and grapefruits!

End your day right. How about sitting with a cup of warm herbal tea or listening to quiet music? How about a relaxing soak, diffusing a calming essential oil into your bedroom or applying it as a lotion to your skin at bedtime? Lavender oil is a great choice for its relaxing properties. It may even help you have a more restful sleep.

Giving yourself a little time at the beginning or end of the day is a step in the right direction to helping achieve a healthy work/life balance. Get ready now to celebrate 2022 with YOU in mind. To your health and happiness this new year!


Written by Rebecca Adams

CEO and Co-founder My Alchemy Skin Care, Cancer Survivor, Certified Essential Oils Coach


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