BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
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TOP DEAL This Holiday Season May Be FREE SHIPPING

This NPR headliner caught my attention and if you haven’t heard, it should grab your attention too. 

“Mail delivery is about to get slower and pricier just in time for the holidays.” 

The article continues...

"Beginning Oct. 3 and ending on Dec. 26, the Postal Service will temporarily increase prices on all commercial and retail domestic packages because of the holiday season."

So, what can consumers do? Maybe you consider using another carrier? Nice thought but word is that both FED EX and UPS prices will soon be increasing too. 

Being a consumer and a brand owner, here's my best advice:

  • SHOP EARLY! Get those holiday packages out sooner than later. Planning ahead means you may be able to choose to mail at a lower cost like First Class (because it takes longer to get there) compared to Priority Rates or Next Day. 
  • Not only does advance planning save you money, it saves you time. The closer to Christmas it gets, lines at the Post Office are out the door. Save yourself the frustration and mail early. Slap on a sticker that says “Don’t Open Until Dec. 25” and you could even give the recipient a “No Peeking” memo (text or email) ahead.
  • When shopping online, take advantage of FREE SHIPPING and STANDARD RATE SHIPPING Offers while they exist. Consider FREE SHIPPING with a MINIMUM PURCHASE offers too. These offers can save you a bundle.
  • Holiday Time is a nice time to show gratitude. Take a moment to send an email to a brand owner to let them know how appreciative you are for their service to you. A free ship means someone still has to pay. A simple thank you means a lot to Brand owners who are trying to provide good products and service to their clients.
  • Help keep small businesses in business. Tell your friends about your good shopping deals. They’ll be happy you shared! Let the world know on social media. Post a review. 

In addition to shipping costs rising and delivery time expanding, there are other supply chain disruptions affecting our business. We’ve had to delay a launch of a new product as we haven’t been able to source that very special bottle we’d like to package it in. Supply orders have been delayed due to closed ports and huge increased shipping costs of freight containers. Once goods finally arrive portside, after months of waiting, there is a dearth of truck drivers to service the ports. 

So when will things improve? Beauty industry insiders don’t believe these problems will subside soon and fear Santa will be forced to navigate slim pickings as he goes to stuff stockings this holiday season. With all these hiccups, consumers will probably see loftier product and shipping prices, empty retail shelves and inventory shortages.

Being a very small beauty business, we don’t have the clout to push to the front of shipment queuses. We’re not able to purchase huge quantities of supplies and are constantly in pursuit of available transportation, ingredients, packaging all while trying to cope with soaring costs. It’s a real headache all around but you can be assured our My Alchemy Team is staying positive, actively and creatively problem solving and staying hopeful there will be improvement in 2022.

FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING has started early at My Alchemy Skin Care for purchases $75 and over from October through December 10th. All purchases under $75 will be charged a Holiday Flat Shipping Rate of $5.95. Looking to give the gift of self-care to help renew body, mind and spirit? My Alchemy Skin Care home-spa products are worth your attention. 


Written by Rebecca Adams

CEO, Co-founder, Cancer Survivor and Certified Essential Oil Coach

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