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Roses for Valentines

Flowers are always popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, especially roses. Unfortunately, a dozen roses only lasts a week or so. Would you like to give a bouquet that lasts a little longer? How about an exquisite gift of pure Rose Hydrosol? Roses have been known for their health and beauty benefits since the Roman Empire. Six reasons why your royal valentine will fall madly in love with My Alchemy Skin Care’s Rose Hydrosol:

  • The pure rose scent is heavenly blissful, very light and delicate.
  • Wakes-up, revives, refreshes, nourishes and deeply hydrates skin.
  • Helps calm and soothe irritated dry skin leaving it soft and looking radiant.
  • Doubles as a make-up setting spray to keep the queen looking fabulous for her royal duties.
  • Made from pure organic roses with no dangerous additives.
  • This is an authentic true hydrosol, not to be confused with floral or rose water.

We have a Valentine’s gift for you! Place your pre-order for a full-size Rose Hydrosol and receive a complimentary purse/travel-size Rose Hydrosol for you or a special someone in your kingdom.

“Let the beauty and fragrance of a rose touch your soul.” Anonymous

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