BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
BREAKING NEWS: Purifier Plus Hand Sanitizer and Conditioner has won 1st Place in the World Wide CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2022!
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Why Shop Small this Holiday?

This year’s holiday shopping season is expected to be very different. 2020 has left people unemployed, homeless, without a business, ill and sadly without loved ones. Everyone has been  touched in some way by Covid and masks and social distancing. We’ve found our priorities shifting and our value’s changing. What was once vitally important, may not be now. We’ve found ourselves questioning and pivoting as we’ve examined our goals and futures  and maybe even become more appreciative of those on the front lines who help protect us and a little more humble and thankful for those who teach our children. 

Shopping has already started for this holiday season. October issued in big box store’s Black Friday Specials in October, a month ahead of normal sales during Thanksgiving week.  With all the hype of early cyber shopping, we don’t want an important shopping date to be overlooked or go unnoticed AND we especially don’t want you to wait until Thanksgiving week to shop on Small Business Saturday. That’s just plain crazy!  Forget waiting and  SHOP NOW with a Small Business.

Why shop small?

When you shop from a small business, you’re shopping with real people, real families.

Your purchase has the ability to change lives.

Your dollars buy more meaningful, purposeful, personal gifts for those on your lists.

Your purchase contributes to a family’s household income. Imagine their appreciation during these trying times.

You’re helping make it possible for small businesses to support other families who own small businesses as they purchase needed supplies from them. 

You’re helping improve and build-up local communities, including yours.

You’re helping to keep the economy growing through your purchasing power.

You’re stimulating innovation and more job creation. 

As a very small Mother-daughter business, and a new business only two years old, we sincerely thank you for supporting our beginnings. We couldn’t provide the products we do without you! We are so thankful for your part to help our business grow! Your every purchase and donated time and talents, encourage us to keep going! Do you realize how you support our family and in turn, help us show love toward others? When you look at the heart in our logo, know it represents our love for you. This holiday season, shopping with us means we’ve joined hands to support homelessness and mental health in our local communities. May the beloved words of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, continue to inspire and motivate us all to do our part,  “God bless everyone”.

Written by Rebecca

CEO and Co-founder My Alchemy Skin Care

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