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About Us

No longer can self-care be considered a trendy option. During the last year, we’ve seen self-care shift from being a laissez-faire priority to an essential daily component for helping achieve better physical, mental and emotional wellness.

At My Alchemy Skin Care, self-care involves whole body wellness - mind, body, spirit, not just skin wellness. You might say we take a “whole-istic” approach to wellness. We know that when we are out of balance or stressed, our skin reflects what’s going on inside. Putting wellness on our skin every day, combined with living a healthy lifestyle, benefits the whole body all while keeping our skin beautiful and glowing.

There’s nothing like a combination of a pandemic and life threatening illness to encourage a pivot and brand refresh. It was a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis that motivated Rebecca to make a bundle of changes to her own lifestyle. Starting with replacing her personal care products with ones without harsh chemicals and modifying her diet with foods having promising anti-cancer benefits, nutrition for her body, both inside and out, became her passion. Learning about ingredients sparked her interest in botanicals and the beginning of customizing plant-based products to address the skin damage she experienced from cancer treatment.

As Rebecca and friends saw her skin transform, she began to dig into science-backed studies to validate her amazing results. One thing led to another and inspired the creation of My Alchemy Skin Care in 2018, with an administrative role for daughter Amanda while Rebecca focused self-care and earned her Certification in Essential Oils. With backgrounds as educators, Rebecca and Amanda are dedicated to teaching others how to look better and feel better by using natural solutions. Their unique chemistries offer nutritional rewards and safety for the consumer and environment. 

Did you notice the heart in their logo? It's there for a reason. They are always looking for ways to serve others in their communities.