Welcome to 2021! May your new year be happy and healthy!
Welcome to 2021! May your new year be happy and healthy!
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Our Story



Our journey began in 2015 when Rebecca faced the unimaginable diagnosis of two Stage 4 Lymphomas. While chemotherapy treatments wreaked havoc on her body, her skin became dry and sensitive, drastically different from her typical smooth, silky complexion. As Rebecca researched potential options, she discovered harmful ingredients existed in the skincare she used. Although these supposedly natural products came highly recommended, they failed to deliver the restorative, soothing results her damaged, irritated skin required. Fearful that these products might harm her further, she tossed everything out.

Rebecca desperately needed a simple skincare routine and solution that was delicate enough while still nourishing her sensitive skin. Fortunate to have a formulation expert as a trusted friend, Rebecca called on her for relief. Leveraging her extensive scientific background and formal training in skincare, together they developed gentle, safe, plant-based formulas to nurture Rebecca’s skin back to pristine health. 

The products were too good to keep to herself. Literally overnight, the formulas revived and repaired Rebecca’s skin, and everyone noticed. Rebecca’s daughter, Amanda, also experienced a huge transformation as the products hydrated and refreshed her dry skin. She loved the simplicity and ease of using the formulas. People began asking for the secret to their smooth, glowing skin, and they began sharing their products with family and friends. 

As the number of interested friends and family expanded, Rebecca and Amanda decided to learn how to start a skincare line using their original formulas. After several years of research and development, My Alchemy Skin Care was born on June 5, 2018.


We believe nurturing is more than skin deep. Our foundational commitment to doing good leads us to seek out opportunities to nourish the people and communities around us. With offices in Chicago and L.A., My Alchemy Skin Care frequently donates personal care products to support the efforts of local nonprofits, community organizations, and hospitals. We also participate in philanthropic opportunities to fundraise for worthy causes worldwide.


To date we have supported the following:

  • Charitable Giving Northwestern Hospital Pours for Purpose - Gift Raffle 
  • Glenview Youth Services - Community Christmas 
  • PADS of Lake County - Brighter Futures Gala Homelessness 
  • Real Dog Mom’s of Chicago 
  • PAWS of Chicago/CRISP Forget-Me-Not - GALA 
  • Downtown Los Angeles Women’s Center 
  • House of Ruth - Los Angeles 
  • Sponsor of Root and Branch-Awakening Retreats - Oregon 
  • Holistic Center for Wellness - Silent Auction Basket