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Our Story

Our family’s legacy in America began in land claims, wheat and milling, timber and construction. For generations, we’ve responsibly sourced from the land around us. We’ve learned about, gratefully used and enjoyed the healing powers of earth’s natural bounties.

In all things, we’ve embraced the spirit and vigor of our ancestors channeling their bravery, fortitude and courage to forge ahead on our life’s journeys. As modern-day pioneer women, braving our own personal uncharted frontiers, we were led into new and unexplored territory when we were faced with a terrifying Stage Four Cancer diagnosis.

Through this life-changing experience with cancer, the link between wellness, nutrition and beauty connected us back to tried and true natural remedies of our ancestors. We were fascinated by researching nutrition, ingredients, labels, plants, food, science and chemistry. The more we studied, the more we gained an appreciation for our marvelous bodies. We became passionate about sharing and educating others. In our wildest imaginations, we never dreamed that the outcome of all this would lead us to a lifestyle make-over, inspire a clean beauty toxic-free skin care line and a cancer remission.

My ALCHEMY Skin Care is not associated with the newest or latest fad. We prefer to create magical products by selecting from a more traditional harvest of tried and true non-toxic ingredients, tested personally, scientifically and generationally over time. We keep our formulas simple, choosing wildcrafted and organic whenever we have a choice. After all, doesn’t it make perfect sense for women of pioneer ancestry to use naturally growing botanicals to create our formulas?

We are proud to carry on our family legacy of high standards, a strong work ethic and deep-rooted values as we pioneer My ALCHEMY Skin Care into the future. As strong, educated and blessed pioneer women in this day and age, you can be assured, that our products are toxic free, cruelty-free, vegan, consciously sourced from the high-quality ingredients, packed in eco-friendly recyclable and sustainable bottles, formulated and manufactured in the USA. We promise to put our hearts into doing our part to leave the world a more beautiful place because we care about you, your health and the health of our planet.