Our Story

Our story begins in 2015 when Rebecca was faced with the unimaginable diagnosis of two Stage 4 Lymphomas. Chemotherapy treatments wreaked havoc on her body and skin. After trying many product recommendations that failed to deliver restorative results, she tossed everything out and started from scratch.

Fortunate enough to know a skin care expert with years of experience and formal training, CIDESCO Diplomate, Certified Aromatherapist and Graduate of Formula Botanica, Rebecca contacted Joyce Robinson to help find a solution that would be gentle, yet potent enough to nourish and heal her sensitive skin. Leveraging Joyce's background with science and the rewards of nature, her Serum quickly restored Rebecca's compromised skin.

As others noticed the huge transformation, notably how her skin glowed, Rebecca had an instant test market of willing volunteers. Positive reviews from family and friends led to the creation of My Alchemy Skin Care in 2018, with a single product and the help of her daughter Amanda. Is it any wonder why they named their first product Illuminate, after it's nourishing and brightening benefits?

My Alchemy Skin Care believes in the power of nature to help you look and feel your best at whatever age you are. Rebecca continues to draw upon nature's gifts to nourish her inside and out as she heads toward 4 years Cancer-free. Keeping Rebecca's cancer experience in mind and knowing everything you put on your body will be absorbed inside, My Alchemy sources only the finest quality and safest ingredients the earth has to offer. Each formula is created with unique chemistries and a lot of love, true to the heart in their logo - love for you, the planet and beyond as they serve their communities.