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Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit
Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit
Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit
Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit
Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit

Smudge Crystal Cleansing Kit

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Enjoy fresh new beginnings with our Cleansing Kit. It has everything you need to fill your home with love and good fortune. Cleansing your space of negative thoughts, worries and feelings welcomes new energy into your home and life. It's like hitting a reset button when you feel you need a fresh start. Popular occasions to sage are when moving into your first home or relocating to a new space, to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding or new baby, to mark a positive lifestyle change, when there has been illness, when something feels "off", when unkind words have been spoken or routinely as part of your spring cleaning.

Our Cleansing Kit includes:

1 Palo Santo Stick - Ethically and sustainably harvested 100% Peruvian Palo Santo, Spanish for "Holy Wood" from naturally fallen trees. When burned, the smoke smells like pine, mint and lemon. It's believed to be cleansing and therapeutic to clear negative energy, bring inner peace, reduce odors, calm anxiety, love and good fortune. 4" stick. Light tip of stick, let flame burn for a few seconds, blow out the flame. Walk through your space using the smoke coming from the stick to purify. When finished, you can allow it to go out naturally or snuff it out in salt. If you are looking to use the stick all at once it may need to be relit more than once.

1 White Sage Bundle - Organic White Desert Sage is sustainably sourced from California. Deeply rooted in Native American History, Sage is one of the oldest and best known herbs for purifying, cleansing and healing for those seeking to harmonize their mind and home with positive thoughts. Burning sage has a woodsy, herbaceous smell and is believed to help with mental focus, better quality of sleep and improve air quality. 4" Sage Bundle. Light the bundle until it catches aflame. Then blow out. Open windows and doors if possible, walk through your space and move the smoke along. When finished, you can allow it to go out naturally or snuff it out in salt. If you are looking to use the bundle all at once it may need to be relit more than once.

1 Selenite Crystal Wand - Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration helping to create a peaceful and protecting environment when stones are placed around the home. Selenite lifts our spirits and lights our path between ourselves and the Divine. Family-owned,mined Morroco crystal 4" wands. Selenite will help to realign the energy in your space. Place on nightstand, in a window seal or table. Do Not put Selenite near water or use water to cleanse the stone.

1 Thumbprint Stone - promotes calmness and and relieves stress and worry as you rub away your concerns. Color of stones vary. It's our pleasure to select a beautiful stone for you.

1 Organic Pure Coconut-Soy Blend Candle with cotton wick shines brightly for 8+ hours to uplift your spirit with light. Hand poured with intention, its rich aroma will fill your home, blessing and purifying your space with calmness, love and happiness. 2" tin with lid. The scent of flowers brightens any room and makes life feel all the sweeter. Candle fragrance varies with each season - Spring (March - May) is floral. Summer (June - Aug.) is fruity. Fall and winter (Sept. - Feb.) will be cozy with warm scents evoking holidays and memories.

Easy 5 Step Cleansing Guide to Refresh Your Space:

Step 1 - Before you begin, say a little prayer. Thank God for your blessings and ask for divine helpers to assist you in purifying the energy of your home. If you need some help, we've tucked a prayer card in your kit. Remember saying a prayer is always your first step. If weather is nice, open your windows before you start to allow negative vibes out and fresh air to come in.

Step 2 - Decide to burn either the Sage stick or Palo Santo Stick. Light one stick over a fire-proof dish. You'll want to create smoke and not so much flame. Start with purifying yourself. Direct smoke towards your body starting with feet and moving upwards toward head and then back.

Step 3 - Begin walking around your home with your smudge stick over your dish. Keep your intention clearly in your mind. Keep your desires personal. You can speak your wish out loud if you desire. Walk through your home, room by room, and don't forget the corners or unused areas which can collect stale energy. Take as much time as you need. Use your hands to direct the smoke where you want it to go but avoid steering it toward your face, eyes or nose.

Step 4 - Wrap it up by allowing your smudge stick to burn out naturally in your fire-proof dish. Don't leave it unattended or near curtains, clothes, or by other objects that can catch fire easily. During this stage, you can meditate or write about this experience in your journal as the sage stick burns out. The ashes that are left behind signify the negative energies that lived in your space. If you'd rather, you can rub your smudge stick out manually in the fire-proof dish or by dipping the burning end in water. Keep out of the reach of children and never sage inside a closet as it could be a fire hazard.

Step 5 - When you're ready to sage again, use a fresh sage stick. There is no need to wait for a special occasion. Smudging should be done on an as-needed basis. Let your intuition guide your actions.

All above contents are tucked into a 6" x 6" x 2" white mailing box as pictured, ready to ship to you.

New beginnings await you! Best wishes always!

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