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I Hate Reading Labels!

Gray haired women reading labels of bottles in store

When you're shopping for cosmetics, do you ever hear a little voice that says, "Read the label" and then think to yourself but why? Maybe your excuse is one of these:

I don't have time. It's grab and go for me.

I can't read the print. It's too small to see and a magnifying glass is not on my shopping list today.

I try but why read words I can't even pronounce?

I have no idea what all this jargon is about. No time to get assistance.This is a quick stop and I've got to get in and out fast.

I know I should be a better-informed consumer but lets just face the reality, I have no time today or in the foreseeable future to learn about all this.

Will this product really do what it says? I've tossed so many products that don't. Totally frustrating and big waste of money.

It's on sale. Done deal!

Oh, ladies. You deserve better! My Alchemy Skin Care to your rescue!

Our online store gives you a shopping experience unlike a quick stop-in to the corner drug store. Think of us as your Personal Assistant helping to direct you to make wise purchase decisions. Our detailed product descriptions help to educate you. Your PA will explain every ingredient listed on the label and you won't have trouble seeing it. Can you imagine actually learning how each ingredient will benefit your skin? We teach you how to use it and if you forget, you can return to re-read our instructions or email us with questions. You'll save yourself a lot of time and frustration by visiting

You can trust that we present the whole truth unlike the commercial you may have seen on tv. From the time our products were formulated, we've kept your safety and well-being in mind. You'll never see any dangerous additives in our products. You can feel complete peace of mind knowing you can trust that we speak the truth and choose the finest ethically sourced quality wildcrafted, organic, super powered botanicals that are all safe, sustainable and never test on animals. Why? Because we love you and our planet!

We welcome you into the My Alchemy Skin Care family. Enjoy your time as you shop with us. It's our pleasure to take the pain out of reading labels. We've been there too. We get it! Cheers to a new shopping experience.


CEO, Co-founder of My Alchemy Skin Care and Cancer Survivor


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